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Welcome to Scorpio-LK's web site

Scorpio-LK was founded by Lyubomir Karaivanov over twenty years ago in 1991 in Sopot, Bulgaria .
Since 2005 we have been developing tools for people working in the sphere of automotive maintenance and repair.
With Gambit (released in 2006) and subsequently Tango (released in 2008) our focus shifted to finding solutions for vehicle transponder keys creation and functions that are useful for locksmiths worldwide. In ten years Tango became one of the most widely used and recognizable RFID transponder key programmer that covers a wide range of vehicle brands and models, with dozens of world first function releases. We always strive to tackle and deploy elegant solutions for complicated automotive immobilization systems and other practical problems which locksmiths encounter in their daily work.
Evolution of our work led to Barracuda (released in 2018), which is designed to complement Tango and widely expand the tools at our disposal to develop functions for the newest vehicle systems.

You can find here usefull tools and information about our current lineup of products:





All software developed and released by Scorpio-LK Ltd. is invalid without the appropriate hardware device.

All devices and software developed by Scorpio-LK Ltd. are designed and sold with legal purpose to enchance and help people working in the sphere of car repairs and maintenance. The company doesn't take responsibility for any misuse of our products for illegal purpuses. Hence persons misusing our products for illegal purpuses bear their own responsebility for any such acts.

All sales are covered by our distributors, If you are interested in aquiring our products please contact any of them.