Tango Downloads

File Version Date Size Notes
Tango Setup File 1.116 13.03.2020 472Mb Setup Version 1.116. Current Software version 1.125
Auto update framework - - - Automatic online software and auxiliary files updates
vcredist_x86.rar 10.0 12.05.2021 8.55Mb Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package
vcredist_x64.rar 10.0 12.05.2021 9.78Mb Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x64 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package
Maker CHM - 11.10.2019 442Mb Tango contextual help file maker.chm
Tango Drivers 4 11.10.2019 1Mb x86 & x64 drivers, digitally signed


Begin Setup:

1. Download Tango Setup file

2. Extract and run the setup file
This will install the software in default location
C:\Program Files\Tango Scorpio-LK\
for Windows XP
C:\Program Files (x86)\Tango Scorpio-LK\ for Win7/8/10
Tango software can be installed at any other location as long path ends with "..\Tango Scorpio-LK\"

3. Open Windows Device Manager.

4. Connect Tango to PC

5. Locate in Device Manager the newly displayed entry in section "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" right click on it: Properties -> Driver -> Update driver. Navigate to driver location [..\Tango Scorpio-LK\Driver]

6. Select Tango.exe (or its desktop shortcut), right click on it: Properties -> Compatibility -> Run this program as Administrator (On Windows 7/8/10 it is mandatory to set this option).

7. Run Tango.exe, an automatic updates procedure will initiate and prompt you to download the latest software version.
Follow the on-screen interface.
Steps 8 & 9 below are automatic. Don't call any interface functions while they are running. Depending on your Internet connection they can take some time.

8. After latest software version is downloaded, Tango.exe will close and relaunch and initiate firmware update.
If it doesn't relaunch with the new software version you haven't installed the required Visual C++ libraries and/or not given Tango.exe OS administrator privileges

9. After firmware update is complete, Tango.exe will relaunch and prompt update of the built-in hardware timer.

10. Upon timer reset, restart Tango.exe. This is the final step of the setup.

File Version Date Size Notes
Toyotaplus2018.pdf 11 October 2022 1.5Mb TangoPlus Toyota contextual help for vehicles 2017-2022
Toyotaplus.pdf December 2021 1.5Mb TangoPlus Toyota contextual help file for vehicles up to 2017
Subaruplus.pdf September 2021 1.6Mb TangoPlus Subaru contextual help file V1.3
RangeRoverL320HTPro.pdf June 2021 1.9Mb Range Rover L320 HTPro Help File PDF
SLK-07E_help.pdf September 2020 353kb SLK-07E emulator Help File
himmo_help.pdf January 2020 2Mb Tango + Barracuda Toyota-H Immobilizer All Keys Lost solution Help File
SLK-06_help.pdf April 2019 574kb Toyota-H Immobilizer Gen1 All Keys Lost solution Help File
HITAG_Classification.pdf - 244kb HITAG classification as of Tango SW1.99
TEXAS_Emulators.pdf - 574kb Texas (Tiris DST) transponder emulators classification
SM.Volvo.pdf - 521kb Guide for Synchro maker Volvo
Comp.Viewer.pdf - 58kb Guide for Component Security Viewer
7th_Byte.rar - 104kb Searching of the 7th byte by existing car’s key
WriteCS.rar - 51kb Write Component Security 7 bytes Tool (Megamos48)
TPmass.rar - 162kb Help for TP22-25 mass production (Unlimited as of Tango SW1.67)

During setup follow the Installation Guide.

Check out Tango features regarding device's capabilities and functions.