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Tango Downloads

Tango Setup
Install1.116.rar 472Mb Tango Setup (Base Software V1.116, Toyota+V6.9, Subaru+V1.0)
Installation Guide Tango programmer installation guide available on our forum
maker.rar * 442Mb Tango contextual help file maker.chm 11.10.2019
main.rar * 1.78Mb Tango contextual help file main.chm
TangoDriverV4.rar 1.01Mb Tango drivers AllWin Digitally Signed
Tango Driver V4 OS specific requirements:
Win7 requires Microsoft security update KB3033929,
WinVista requires Microsoft security update KB2763674
Tango Documents
RangeRoverL320HTPro.pdf 1.9Mb RangeRoverL320HTPro Help File June 2021
SLK-07E_help.pdf 353Kb SLK-07E emulator Help File September 2020
Subaruplus.pdf 1.6Mb TangoPlus Subaru contextual help file V1.3 Updated September 2021
Toyotaplus.pdf 1.5Mb TangoPlus Toyota contextual help file for vehicles up to 2017 December 2021
Toyotaplus2018.pdf 1.5Mb TangoPlus Toyota contextual help for vehicles 2017+ December 2021
himmo_help.pdf 2Mb Tango + Barracuda Toyota-H Immobilizer All Keys Lost solution Help File Update January 2020
SLK-06_help.pdf 574Kb Toyota-H Immobilizer All Keys Lost solution Help File April 2019
HITAG_Classification.pdf 244Kb Hitag classification as of Tango SW1.99
TEXAS_Emulators.pdf 259Kb Texas transponder emulators Classification
SM.Volvo.pdf 521Kb Guide for Synchro maker Volvo
Comp.Viewer.pdf 58Kb Guide for Component Security Viewer
7th_Byte.rar 104Kb Searching of the 7th byte by existing car’s key
WriteCS.rar 51Kb Write Component Security 7 bytes Tool (Megamos48)
TPmass.rar * 162Kb Help for TP22-25 mass production (Unlimited as of Tango SW1.67)
CloneDST.pdf 290Kb Currently supported transponder cloning can be viewed in (Tango Features PDF)


* Depending on Windows UAC (User Account Control) settings to view *.chm files you might need to unblock them first (File Properties->Unblock->Apply)

All software developed and released by Scorpio-LK Ltd. is invalid without the appropriate hardware device.

All devices and software developed by Scorpio-LK Ltd. are designed and sold with legal purpose to enchance and help people working in the sphere of car repairs and maintenance. The company doesn't take responsibility for any misuse of our products for illegal purpuses. Hence persons misusing our products for illegal purpuses bear their own responsebility for any such acts.