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Tango Price List

Product name Price (EUR)*
TANGO hardware 200
TANGO basic software 1000
Additonal Software
1 Year Subscription ** NEW 180
Additonal Hardware
SLK-01 – Emulator DST 40, P1 94,D4 30
SLK-02 – Emulator DST 80, P1 98 30
SLK-03E – Emulator DST AES, P1 88,A8 30
SLK-04E – Emulator DST AES, P1 A9 30
SLK-05E – Emulator DST AES, P1 39 30
SLK-06 – Sniffer for Toyota-H Immobilizer AKL solution 30
SLK-07 – Emulator DST AES, P1 AA 30


* All prices shown on this page are recommended retail prices in Euro, not including VAT or shipping. Tango hardware is not sold without the Tango basic software.

**Active subscription allows access to all Tango features and functions. Period is 365 days

Existing devices retain access to the functions they already have active (base software + makers) regardless of subscription status.

Newly added functions require active subscription, old maker activations are discontinued for new purchase and become part of the subscription.

All devices retain access to base software, regardless of subscription status.

Newly acquired devices (post SW 1.124 release) will receive 1 year subscription upon registration and request by user.

All sales are covered by our distributors.
If you are interested in aquiring our products please contact any of them.

Latest price list update 04.08.2022