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Barracuda Downloads

File Version Date Size Notes
BarracudaInstallv02.rar 2.0 01.09.2018 129Mb Contains Barracuda base software ver. 2.0, driver ver. 1.0 and Help files ver. 1.0
Database 4.0 31.10.2018 642kb Barracuda HITAG keys reset database NEW
Help files AIO 1.1 24.09.2018 141Mb Barracuda Help files SFX All-In-One
Help files update 1 1.1 24.09.2018 32Mb Barracuda Help files SFX update from V1 to V1.1
Help files update 2 1.2 01.10.2018 3.4Mb Barracuda Help files SFX update from V1.1 to V1.2
Help files update 3 1.3 31.10.2018 29Mb Barracuda Help files SFX update from V1.2 to V1.3 NEW
DriverV1.rar 1.0 01.09.2018 4.8Mb Barracuda drivers AllWin Digitally Signed
Barracuda Driver Windows OS specific requirements:
Win7 requires Microsoft security update KB3033929,
WinVista requires Microsoft security update KB2763674
Barracuda Documents
InstallGuide.pdf 2.0 24.09.2018 1Mb Barracuda programmer installation guide
Features 31.10.2018 306kb Barracuda programmer Features NEW
News 31.10.2018 26kb Barracuda programmer News NEW


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Last update 31.10.2018